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Lindsay - February 22, 2016

My new comp Sister Steele
Hello Everyone!!

This week has been insane! haha! It is so weird to be a trainer! But I don't even feel like I am training, because I believe that my new missionary is training me! She reminds me so much about our purpose as missionaries, because sometimes I get nervous to be bold :) This area is very different because most of our investigators are progressing at a slow rate. So I think working with them has made me more gracious and lenient:) So when Sister Steele came in, she was just on fire with the light of the gospel! She is awesome! She is from Aurora, Colorado, and she is tall and blond and so funny! She has taught me so much, and I am so glad to be serving with her. She reminds me so much of Holli. She is reserved but independent. She is bold, but encouraging, and I love her! She calls me sister all the time! I love it! So when she came into the mission field on Tuesday we drove to Safford with Sister Brown (my favorite STL:), and her new missionary Sister Mccombie. We went shopping and got situated at home, and then we went to Amie's house to have a lesson with her. In this lesson, Sister Steele was going to invite her to be baptized! But Amie said that we scheduled for Thursday instead of Tuesday. But I swear that she said Tuesday! I couldn't argue with her, and she was going into town for some errands anyway so that didn't happen! But we went to dinner with the Sherman's, and I forgot to call them to see what time we could come over, so dinner wasn't ready! Such a great start to a strengthening day!! haha! :) Then we had a set lesson with a less active, but he wasn't home! That was great! But then we finally had a lesson with one of our recent converts Tucker. Then we had a lesson with our new investigator Maryanne. It was an amazing lesson! Maryanne talks a lot and has a lot of questions, so it is hard to follow the lesson. But it was ok! Sister Steele knows the scriptures really well, and she is an awesome teacher! One day we were trying to contact someone at night, and we couldn’t find the house so we decided to knock on this one door. A man opened up the door and proceeded to tell us that we believed in a different Jesus Christ. He also said that the temple Mormons think they are so much higher than the rest of the Mormons. But what was so weird was that he complimented us saying that we were the nicest, and most loving and helpful people. Through that whole experience, I looked calm on the outside, but I was boiling on the inside. We both bore our testimonies of the gospel and eventually we left. Afterwards, I began to kind of vent in anger to my new missionary:) She told me, "Sister Dunn, just let the water roll off your back!" She referred to the analogy of a duck and how the water just rolls off their backs. She proceeded to tell me that we shouldn't let an experience like that affect us and cause us to boil up in anger. Sister Steele is amazing!

On Wednesday, we had a great district meeting. It was so weird to see so many different people!! But it will be fun to get to know everyone. We talked about the importance of members and how they can help us in the Lord's missionary work. We had a lesson with Floyd again with the Reynolds and it was really good except for the end! He was so happy, and we talked about some scriptures in the Book of Mormon that he couldn't understand. It was a really good discussion! At the end of the lesson, he went into one of his bitter rants about his children that disrespect him, so that was sad. We have told him time and time again to forgive and let it go, but it has been really hard for him to do that. So we challenged him to pray for the strength to forgive. We then had an amazing lesson with Roxy right after! She was so happy when we came to teach her! We asked her about church and how she thought about it. She told us that she liked it. We also asked about her son and how he liked Primary. She told us that he loves church, and that he wants to go to Primary again! I am so happy to see them progress in the gospel! It has truly touched their lives! We just need to get their less active father involved and then they can get sealed! 

On Thursday, we helped Sister Hughes pack. They are moving in a couple of weeks to Tucson, so we helped her. She is also far along in pregnancy, so she needed help. Then we went home to have lunch and we went to Food Bank. We do a lot of service on Thursdays! So that is good! We then had a lesson with Frank and Chelsea, and Sister Steele committed her to baptism for the first time!! She did amazingly! (Is that a word?) Anyways, we are really pushing for Chelsea to get baptized. She knows that the gospel is good, and that it helps her, but we are going to work on helping her develop more of a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It will be great! 

We also had a lesson with Missy. We talked about individual worth and how we are children of God. We also emphasized about prayer and how we can know of God's love for us if we pray. She is very shy and closed off, but the next time we teach her, we are going to extend a baptismal date. We hope that she will accept! We also went to see the Smithson's who are returning members. They have a calling now as Primary teachers so that is fun! They are a very very young couple, and so it was awesome to talk with them. Sister Smithson is majoring in Elementary Education and is going to EAC (Eastern Arizona College) for school! She told me that it is a good program, so I might consider it:) 

On Saturday we visited with John. When we went to go see him we saw all these people outside! Bishop Hargis had come to visit him, and Jody was there (one of the volunteers), and John looked so happy to be outside! He shared his stories of being in the military and being in submarines. He also talked about Japan and how he saw the destruction of Hiroshima. He has so much pride for America! He started getting emotional about it which was really sweet. 

On Sunday we went to church from 9 to 4! It was much needed! The talks were so inspired, and they helped us so much! Later that night after dinner, we went to the Marbles and taught Jade and Gavin. They want to be baptized, and so they are taking the missionary lessons. The parents talked about wanting to be sealed in the temple, because they just adopted two kids. So it was really sweet to meet with them! Sister Marble used to live in Pocatello, and so I brought up my amazing family the Holts! She didn’t know the name, but she looks kind of like you Aunt Emily! 

This week was amazing in so many different ways! I love being a missionary, and spreading the gospel! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true everyone!


Sister Dunn

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