Thursday, March 31, 2016

Chelsea - March 14, 2016

Sister Elix, Sister Clarin, and me at Trainer’s Training

Alinguigan Ward

Hello everyone!! 

This week was kinda a crazy week! So on Wednesday, we had new trainers and their trainees meeting! It was super fun!! There was just three pairs of us. Us three, two elders in our zone, and Sister labis and her anak! Super fun!!! President Rahlf talked to us about training like Jesus trained and the characteristics that we need to have to be a good trainer. Definitely a good reminder for me as I am in the middle of training Sister Elix. Also, Elder and Sister Jones had just come from Manila and guess what they brought with them... Krispy kreme donuts!!! Me and the other americans almost cried. It was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted in my life!! Also, the American elders were making fun of my english so bad because I am literally the most awkward person when I had to answer questions in english. haha

So... this week while we were sleeping, Sister Clarin got bitten by a rat on her face! There were like four teeth marks on her face, and she said it stung really bad.  So… we told President and Sister Rahlf and now we are probably moving apartments!! Sister rahlf was super mad, she was like, that is not acceptable, you are all moving! I would cover my face at night while I sleep, but it’s too hot so I just risk it! haha. We went upstairs one night, and turned on the light, and there were 6 huge rats in the kitchen and they all scattered and we were all screaming our heads off! So we’ve been doing some apartment finding this week and we found this great house. Unfortunately it’s not quite done yet… but the Jones are thinking about it! 

Super random: my anak right now, sister elix, well today I found out that my mtc teacher’s dad baptized her family! What a small world right!!! Anyways, this week was good. We have found so many potential investigators this week... the only problem is getting them to church! We have been working with Josie, daughter in law of tatay fernando. She has so many problems in her life and she told us this week that she might move to manila soon because her husband is physically abusing her. But our goal is to get her and her daughter baptized before they leave. So on Saturday, after we taught about Joseph Smith, I felt prompted to invite her to be baptized and it was the first time someone ever said no to an invite!! But it was good, she said no, I’m not ready and I really want to learn about your church before I get baptized. So actually I’m glad she said that because it shows that she wants to be committed to this and actually understand the gospel and why she needs to be baptized. Unfortunately, they didn’t come to church yesterday and it was so disappointing! But that’s ok, we'll just try again. Tatay fernando didn’t come either!! We visited him last night and he said that he didn’t have any clean clothes and he didn’t want to smell bad haha. But we brought two members with us and they taught the whole plan of salvation to fernando in ibanag! Haha they were struggling. They said ibanag is so hard and it’s super hard to teach, but they did awesome. And I was smiling the whole time cause tatay was understanding and speaking more than I’ve ever heard him speak, and asking questions and it was just so amazing!!! His faith is definitely growing and I love watching his progress! That’s about it for the week! I hope you all are doing well! 

Sister Dunn

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