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Lindsay - March 14, 2016

Hola todos las personas (I think the espanol is correct??) :) 

I hope you all had a great week! This week was a little rough, mainly because a lot of our investigators got sick with strep throat and bronchitis, so that was really sad:( But on Monday, we had a huge Stake Family Home Evening, and so we invited our investigator Roxy to attend. A less active (Becca) in the ward picked her up and gave her a ride to the activity! They connected really well because they both have faced similar trials in their lives. So that was amazing! 

On Tuesday we went to the Trainer, trainee meeting in Tucson! It was amazing! We drove down with Sister Brown (the STL), and Sister Mccombie. It was such a fun road trip! We listened to Mormon messages instrumentals, and the famous Josh Groban's, "You Raise Me Up". I cry every time! We had a short visit with Roxy before heading off to dinner! She is doing so well! Her faith has grown, and she looks so happy! Sister Steele and I are so excited to teach her about temples, because she loves her family, and she wants to raise her children well. 

Later that night after dinner, we went to the Relief Society activity for a few minutes because Mary Ann our investigator was going to it. So we saw her a talked to her! It was awesome. Then as we were leaving and we started trying to find people to visit, we got a text from Mary Ann saying that she didn't think the LDS church was for her. We were so shocked! And Sister Steele started crying:( It was really sad. We called Mary Ann first, but she was crying and talking to one of her friends on the phone, so we decided to go over to her home and see her. We waited a little bit and then went in to see her. Apparently, after the Relief Society activity she saw a man in the parking lot and got a bad feeling and so she left and said she would never return. I think she just freaked herself out. Plus, we think it is something deeper than that. Her dad is a devoted Baptist, and he is against what she is doing. So that has been a struggle. We talked to her, and encouraged her, and through the grace of God, her heart was softened, and she agreed to start taking the lessons again. So that was a whirlwind experience! Wow! 

On Wednesday, we saw Floyd again! haha! We asked him to read 1st Nephi Chapter 1 last time, and we asked what he thought of it. He said that he didn't understand it so we talked about it with him. We have decided that we are going to teach him the missionary lessons because we believe he got baptized for the wrong reasons. So, it will be an adventure, but I know that as we continually work with him, his bitterness of the life he has had will slowly go away. 

On Thursday we had another lesson with Roxy, and we talked about the 10 commandment and keeping the Sabbath day holy. It was a great lesson! And she said the prayer at the end of the lesson again! She still struggles with saying the prayer with us. She has told us before that she is embarrassed, and I was prompted to say, "Roxy, I know that sometimes we feel embarrassed to pray. I don't know about you, but in my life sometimes I haven't felt worthy to pray because of past mistakes in my life. But the Lord wants us to pray. He accepts us the way we are. He accepts you the way you are Roxy, and don't you ever forget that." (I am kind of paraphrasing what I said, but something to that effect!) Roxy told us that she felt that way, and so she expressed that she felt better. It will still be a struggle, but I know that as Roxy continues to pray she will be able to naturally speak to our Father in Heaven. 

Later that day we were trying to see a less active and she wasn't home. So we decided to just walk around the street and knock on a couple of doors. There was a lady (named Patsy) outside planting some flowers in some pots, and so we decided to talk to her.   The first thing she said was, "I didn't know that they sent out girls for missions!" So we explained that to her, and then started talking about God. She told us that she was happy in her own church, but asked a few questions about the Book of Mormon. She told us that she had a lot of LDS friends, and that she knew a little bit about the church. During that conversation we started testifying of the Restoration, and the importance and purpose of the Book of Mormon. Whenever we would bear our testimonies and speak about the gospel she would say, "Interesting." We could tell that she was able to learn more about the Mormon faith and what we truly believe in. It was a great discussion, and we felt the Spirit as we spoke to her about the gospel. 

On Friday we did a lot of weekly planning. Then we went to the Boer's for dinner. They are the best! We had taco bowls, and it was amazing! 

On Saturday we saw Frank and read the scriptures, and talked about the Word of Wisdom with him. Then at 2 we saw John:) We made his gratitude wall by writing down what he was grateful for and then putting the heart sticky notes on a white poster board. He was so happy to see it, and he was grinning from ear to ear. He was also sick this past week, so I think he was happy to have visitors! 

We also visited Gayle and taught her more of the temple preparation lessons. She is the sweetest lady! Then we taught Jason later that night. We talked about church and the purpose of it, and we also covered keeping the Sabbath day holy. Sister Vallejos said that they will probably attend church on Easter Sunday, so we are praying that that will happen! Later that night we got a prompting to go see a member from 7th ward (Sister Gilbert). Her husband told us that he wanted to start taking the missionary lessons again so that he can receive the priesthood and go to the temple with his wife! It was such a tender mercy from the Lord! Then the next day at Ward council, Bishop Richardson brought up Sister Gilbert and asked if we met with her and her husband! We told them that we did, and that he wants to receive the  priesthood! Bishop told us that that was their goal from the beginning! Wow! So inspired! 

I have realized that there are so many small miracles that happen each week, even though some days are rough! I love missionary work even though it is hard, but I am grateful for this opportunity to learn. I love you all!


Sister Lindsay Dunn

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