Thursday, March 31, 2016

Holli - March 28, 2016

Hello Everyone!

We had a pretty good week! Haha so on Thursday our DL told us that as

a district we had really been struggling with finding new

investigators so he challenged us to make a district goal to contact a

certain number of people a day. Our district goal is 20 contacts a day

so it's been a very fun goal to reach. Sister Barney and I are having

a lot of fun with it :)

We went to Maria's house last night (the Egyptian family) and it was

so sad. Her mother passed away a few years ago and you could tell it

was pretty hard on her. We tried our best to comfort her but she

stayed pretty sad. Angelina (her daughter) said that at the funeral

everyone was crying and screaming and it was super sad. It reminded me

of the story in the scriptures where Jesus raises the daughter of

Jairus - all of the mourners are weeping and wailing outside the home

and he asks them why they're weeping and mourning so much. He is able

to bring Jairus's daughter back to life and it was a cool experience

to have on an Easter Sunday - where we could truly testify that Jesus

is the Resurrection and the Life.

Maria also told us that she loved when we came because every time we

come she feels better - but when we leave, the feeling leaves with us.

We wanted to tell her so badly that it was the Spirit and that she

could have it in her own life but she's very stubborn in her own

beliefs and isn't super open hearted to learning about anything

different. But we love her and pray for her!!

We had a wonderful Easter Breakfast Saturday morning. Maria and her

kids came at the end and Brandy and her children came at the

beginning. They seemed like they had a good time! A few of our less

actives came as well so it was good to see them. There were lots of

non members there as well and we were able to share a little spiritual

thought with the kids before they went out to hunt for eggs so it was

so sweet! We showed the Follow Me video the church just came out with

and it was super touching to see all of the kids and their parents

watching the video. Then we talked briefly about different ways we can

follow Jesus. Go to church, get baptized, believe in Him etc. - they

all gave wonderful answers.So fun!

We were teaching Brandy one day (initially she wanted us to help her

with her English so we are teaching her English, through the English

pamphlets) and she was raised in this really interesting religion in

China and she had all of these deep questions. Luckily one of our

members walked in who speaks Chinese and was able to help

translate/explain our side of it. We had actually asked this member to

stop by and invite Brandy to the Easter Breakfast so it was perfect

timing that she came right when we were there!

We met Manuel street contacting one day. It was super cool! He told us

he's seen missionaries before and he's open to hearing what we have to

say. We referred him over to the Spanish missionaries because his

primary language is Spanish (go figure :). ) but we were stopped at a

stoplight for a while and just really started talking and it was

really cool! He asked us when we had become converted to our church -

when we had known that this was the church right for us - and we both

got to bear our testimonies about the power of prayer and asking God

and then little experiences building up over time. We also got to

testify about the blessings and the happiness that are found in the

church and Manuel got pretty quiet and he nodded his head and the

Spirit was super strong!

So this week is a 7 week transfer so no transfer calls until next week

:) Since I've been here for 5 transfers we're pretty sure I'm going to

be transferred but we'll see!

That's about it from here in Arcadia! Hope you are all doing well and

that you have a wonderful week! Thanks so much for your prayers and


Love, Sister Dunn

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