Monday, March 7, 2016

Taylor - February 29, 2016

Hey Family,

The week was pretty good, we found a lot of cool people who really showed signs of having the desires to be baptized and coming to church so we were super excited! Unfortunately, they kinda fell through during the week and just weren't willing to commit but we saw awesome miracles nonetheless! 

Since I'm a little new in the ward I haven't made great friends with any members yet. The ward mission leader is pretty cool though, hes a recent convert and hes super in tune with the spirit! The current ward is all Spanish so that's pretty cool! 

We are still working with Jeffrey hoping to help him get baptized. His Mom, who isn't a member, is super busy with work and stuff so she keeps moving the date back. It's a little frustrating but we are trying to help her with that. Oh sorry I'm rushing this email I really don't have to much time so if I haven't written back to anyone I'll try to do it next time! 

Hmm lets see, oh ya the conference with Elder Dube was super good. I learned a lot about using the BOM when we teach and how important comp study and really just preparing is. He gave powerful testimony on the importance of members. And ya, like you said Dad, we want to baptize converts. We do that by teaching out of the scriptures and really truly helping them learn the importance of the steps they're taking and try bringing members with us! 

Pretty crazy that tons of people are getting engaged, Allison Potter?, that's crazy! Haha of course Tanners engagement is on the news! 

My comp is super awesome.  We are working hard and just pumped every day to go find people. Its el mejor! Anways, sorry I have to go but I love you guys and stay safe!!!! 

-Elder Dunn

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