Thursday, March 31, 2016

Taylor - March 14, 2016

Hey Mom and Dad! 

Awesome that you were able to talk to Hermana Lake when she reported her mission (weird to say her first name— sorry). Yes, we were in the coral springs zone for a while at the same time. And super awesome you got to go to Victoria’s farewell. She’s going to be a boss missionary! Aw lame BSU didn't make it in to the tournament, well there's always next year!! 

So this week was a great week. A week definitely full of trials but full of miracles as well! We had a hard time finding people that really wanted act but we continue to work hard at finding! We are continuing to try to have members teach with us to help those we are finding realize truly the importance of the message we share and the steps they need to take. They have their agency but we want to make sure we help them as much as possible in the decision process because satan really doesn't want them to receive the happiness and true blessings that they need! 

We do have an awesome investigator that we are working with named Cira! She came to sacrament meeting and liked it. She wrote down any questions she had on a sticky note and gave it to us, she is excited to learn more! We have her set for a baptismal date on the 26th so we are really excited for that. We really will focus on bringing members to those lessons because she is a little timid. 

In my personal studies this week I was doing a lot of cross referencing and just again realized how well the Book of Mormon and the Bible work together. They definitely both testify of Jesus Christ and help us know the way we must go. I hope to be able to better help my investigators come to that knowledge! 

Funny story...well actually just kinda a time waster experience for the week is that we ran into a Jehovah’s Witness. He did introduce himself as christian which is good. We figured out he was JW real quickly but he didn't say it until the end. Anyways, ya he told us that we didn't exist at all before this life and we will cease to exist at death. That we will only be a memory of God until the resurrection and that our spirit is an energy and he "proved" it with the bible. Ya.. pretty lame so I testified of prayer and that if we go to our Heavenly Father in humble prayer and study things out in our mind we can receive an answer. We left him a restoration pamphlet so if he is honest and reads it with true intent we will be seeing him at church this upcoming weekend :) 
Trials I saw this week -- really pushing to find cool people, found tons of potentials, unfortunately a lot of them fell through, weren't there for appointments, and only one person came to church. Miracles that totally destroy the fact that there are trials -- Cira came to church and is a boss, a ton of cool people we met OYMing which now I have a stronger testimony of, and I feel like I’m growing in humility, patience and diligence! I've done all I can to invite EVERYONE to come unto Christ, to follow his example. Though people reject it and it's disappointing I've given them the chance! 
Anyways I’ve gotta go. I love ya! 

-Elder Dunn

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