Thursday, March 31, 2016

Holli - March 21, 2016

Hello Everyone!

We had a pretty good week this week!

We had a six hour zone meeting on Tuesday which was pretty fun. The
Spirit was super strong but definitely a long time to sit! President
showed us a clip of when he and Sister Villanueva were invited to SLC
for this Mission President Training with Elder Bednar and they ended
up filming it and sending this training to all of the mission
presidents. It was really cool though to see them in this training.

We had the coolest contacting experience the other day. We were
walking down the street and tried to contact three people headed
towards us and each time they either waved us off or just smiled
really big and nodded emphatically like, I have no clue what you're
saying but I think if I smile bigger you'll go away. Kind of funny. So
we tried this one last girl and she was walking pretty fast, like she
was running late. We slowed and tried to talk with her but she
apologized and said in really good English that she couldn't
understand English. We asked "espaƱol?" (Cause obviously we're pro's)
and she nodded and we started using broken Spanish to communicate. She
could speak English really well but she told us she didn't really
understand it when people spoke to her. 

Anyways we asked some basic questions and she told us she was from
Mexico, near Guadalahara so I was like, mi hermano servia sus
missionaro en Guadalahara! (I didn't know the word for cousin haha -
or for most of that sentence so I pretty much made up words and tried
to say it in a Spanish accent). We started talking about church a
little and we asked if she had heard of the Book of Mormon and she had
a little bit so we were able to give her one in English because
apparently her boyfriend can read English. She then told us that we
were really good missionaries. She said that in the 1 year she's been
in California, not one white person has ever tried to speak with her
in her native language. So she seemed super touched - and we were just
glad she kind of understood our Spanglish.

We went by the Health and Rehab center and visited this man named Karl
at a member's request. He was a very interesting man. He went to a lot
of theology school and is very educated so it was interesting talking
with him. He was very sweet though and had lots of advice about how we
should do our missionary work :)

We had a set lesson with one of our investigators (Christy) one day
and we went to her home and her mom answered and told us she had no
idea where Christy was. So we called Christy, thinking they were at
Chucky Cheese or something but they were actually at the park right
across the street so we were able to have a lesson with them. They had
been reading a little bit from the kids Book of Mormon and really
liked the stories so all fingers crossed as they continue to progress:)

We had a dinner appointment that ran late one night and we had to bike
it up to our church and that bike ride is like biking straight up a
hill - no gradual incline. It was so hard! So like we get to the
church and our faces are super red and we look like dead fish trying
to gasp for air. Good thing it was our last lesson with Joe (our
recent convert) so he didn't judge too much.

Haha, we had to grab money for our bus cards one day and on the ride
there Sister Barney had a great bus contact with is really nice guy -
until he eventually got caught up on blacks and the priesthood so it
kind of turned awkward haha. And then on the way back I started
talking to this one guy who said he had had missionaries stop by a lot
before and he knew a little bit about he Mormon religion. Then he told
me he had a question and I was like, uh oh - it's going to be another
blacks and the priesthood thing - but he just asked, "So why in the
world do you girls not have a job?" Haha, we told him it was to help
keep our focus on Christ for the short time we were out on missions.

We had a really cool experience at a member's house the other night.
They had a friend (Stacey) who they had invited over a few times to
dinner before - and they had asked us to stop by a few times. Anyways,
Stacey has been super busy lately and just not able to meet and we
don't know how interested she is in investigating but last night we
gave a thought about getting through trials. We shared a couple points
of the restoration and then read the scripture from D&C that starts,
"My son, peace be unto thy soul, thine adversities and thine
afflictions shall be but a small moment" etc. and we challenged them
all to pray in times of intense trial but also to remember this
scripture and to put either  "my son, or my daughter" etc. We finished
the thought and thanked the Schroeppel's for dinner when suddenly
Sister Schroeppel started talking about how she feels like feeding us
is the least she can do because everyone in the Ward has done so much
for her and then she started crying and talking about how Heavenly
Father gives us so much and how much we are indebted to Him and His
Son and the Spirit was super strong. Truly when a member testifies it
adds so much to what the Spirit can do in a lesson!

So I've been here for about seven months and two of the less actives
we've been working with since I arrived came to church yesterday so it
was a good day!! Also one of the members came up to us and told us
that when we had had dinner with them the other night, they had this
girl named Rosa there (she works for the Greens and takes care of
their daughter) and he told us at after we had left the home that
night that Rosa had started asking some questions and he was able to
give her a Book of Mormon and then told us to stop by in a few weeks
to check back in and see how that was going. So it was super awesome!

Thank you all so much for your love and support. Hope this next week
is a great one!

Love, Sister Dunn

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