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Holli - February 22, 2016

Missionary for a Day :)

Hi Everyone!

We had a pretty crazy week this week!

On Saturday we did this really cool thing we call Missionary for a
day. The youth in the stake are all invited to have a day where they
go out and do missionary work! We had this really sweet girl named
Hannah out with us and we didn't have a ton of set appointments so we
just visited a lot of different people and did a couple of different
things. We ended up going park contacting for a little bit and we
talked to a few nice people who had been to temple square before. We
invited them to check out the LA temple visitors center so hopefully
they will!

We also had this huge Chinese New Year party Saturday night. It was so
cool! We had a couple of investigators come which was great and we
were really excited about that. Dominic and his girlfriend Carol came
and it was funny because earlier in the week Sister Barney and I had stopped
by his home and when he opened the door he told us pretty roughly,
"not a good day" and then shut the door so we were like, oh no what
did we do? So we stopped by Friday and left a little note and
then where shocked to see him and Carol at the party! It was so
awesome! And they are both super nice.

We also had a lesson with Joe, our recent convert, on Friday and after
the lesson he asked us if there were any service projects tomorrow. We
told him about Missionary for a day and he got in touch with
Brother Park (our YM President) and then he showed up to be a
missionary so it was awesome!

One day it started pouring rain in the afternoon and we were biking
around but it was pretty fun! We met Linda, a crossing guard at an
elementary school. She told us about one of the members (Sister
Carter) and Sister Carter's kids attending the school and how Sister
Carter invited her to all of these activities even though she told
her she was Nazarene and didn't really care to come. It was cool to
talk with her for a little out in the rain. We absolutely love the
members of the Arcadia Ward! They do so much for the work and even
though it can be a struggle, they continue to press forward!

So we started volunteering at this health and rehabilitation center
and we had this super awesome experience. The people there are really
kind of old and out of it but we met this gal named Marie. She asked
us about what church we were from and then about what we believed. She
told us she was Christian and then we had the opportunity to teach her
about the restoration. It was such a great experience because she
seemed so shocked that throughout all her years as a Christian she had
never heard the Restoration story - she had never heard about another
prophet being called to the earth again. She told us she was
definitely going to research this so we gave her two sites she could
find accurate information at and then we gave her a restoration
pamphlet and invited her to pray about what we had taught her. It was
truly a miracle to meet her and though she didn't want to continue to
meet with us she very fervently promised us she would read the
pamphlet and research for herself.

I am loving my companion Sister Barney.  She has a very easy going personality and she’s super sweet. We can relate to each other so much. It’s great!  She is pretty loud and outgoing but she's just so sweet. She’s happy all the time and just easy to get a long with.  I've kind of been handling
the area by myself since the middle of January so it is a relief now that Sister Barney is here!

That's about it for this week! Thank you all so much for the letters,
the love, and the support! It means the world to us out here! Hope you
all have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Dunn

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