Monday, March 7, 2016

Taylor - March 7, 2016

Hey Familia,

Sounds like the week was a pretty good one! Ya I did get your letter in the mail Dad. Thanks so much. I liked it a lot and it's true that the mission does apply to life a ton! And ya as far as tailoring to every situation/concern that people may have, it's so crucial just to constantly study/prep and have the Spirit with you. As you do that the Spirit will give you the words you need to say. As well, if we personally relate to the people we are teaching and using our life experiences, they open up more! Sometimes it is a little bit more difficult to do with people from another culture, but through experience it has definitely gotten easier.

 So you asked for more specifics.  For the samuel the lamanite thing I was personally impressed with his desire to fulfill the Lord's command as well as his love for the people. He couldn't even get into the city so he climbed the wall! That's commitment! Then he was shot at, and he kept going! So that hit me. And you asked about the small miracles, for example this week we were walking down the street knocking doors and a guy knocks pretty hard on his house window as we walked past and waves his hand. We thought he wanted us to go away but we waited and then he opened the door and invited us to come over and he wants his family to learn about the church and we set up a little chapel tour for tuesday! So that was cool! Also a miracle guy came to sacrament meeting.  Some missionaries left a chapel tour card with him and he came and loved it.  We taught him the restoration and he liked it and had a lot of questions especially about Joseph Smith, but he wants to come again to church! So those were cool miracles!

 I was also reading this week in 3 Nephi for personal study about when Jesus Christ came to the Americas and I really learned that Jesus Christ stated with boldness the things we needed to do to have eternal life and to have the happiness we desired. He really laid down the law and I think that's something that Elder Johnson and I will be working on doing better with everyone we contact. We want to help them understand the one way, the truth, and the light to eternal life and that is through baptism into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

 Sounds like you had fun missionary shopping with Victoria Mom.  She is a boss, and I have crazy respect for her! Super happy to hear about sister baker getting sealed! Also go sister bailey for doing some solid missionary work! Haha mom I can’t believe you couldn’t speak Spanish with her. I thought your spanish was excellent?! Remember those spanish lessons we took from Adi? I thought you were completely fluent after that! ;)

 Well anyways that’s about it.  Love you guys, stay safe, you're the best! 

 Con amor mas grande que las galaxias

 Elder Dunn :)

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