Monday, March 7, 2016

Taylor - February 22, 2016

So the week in Fountainbleau was good. The address in case you wanted it is 9300 Fontainbleau Blvd. Apt. #102, Doral, FL  33172.

Elder Johnson is from Orange County and he’s a cool guy. He's not shy but not super outgoing, really just in the middle. He’s a super hard worker, and his spanish is pretty good. He went to BYU provo for a little before the mish and he likes football. He’s been out for 5 transfers now so that's cool! Ya it’s different not training but who knows, after this one I still have 2 more transfers so there is still a possibility that I’ll train again! 

It is a little difficult coming to the area as the DL and not knowing anything, but you get used to it decently fast. Good news, it’s an all bike area so that's awesome! It's not a gigantic area though so not tons of biking. We have the Flagler english elders in our apartment Elder D'addabbo (Italian name) and Elder Lloyd. They’re pretty cool. This is elder lloyd’s fifth transfer and elder dabo's last transfer. Elder dabo is from arizona and elder loyd is from Nevada. Also in the district we have sister kronmiller and sister flavel. Sister kronmiller is training and they're doing pretty well. Both from Utah so ya. The Zl’s are Elder Jensen (had him in Homestead) and Elder Nielsen. They’re pretty cool and are really pressing the DL's hard! There is a lot of spanish in the area so it’s a little bit harder for the english elders to find people, but they cover a bigger area anyways. There are a lot of Nicaraguans here as well as Venezuelans and Colombians. It’s pretty cool! 

Did of lot of knocking and good old OYMing this week and saw some cool little miracles. Jorge came to church this week which was cool, he is a truck driver though so we can't teach him throughout the week but he's free all weekends so he can always come to church, so he might take a little longer to help progress but he's cool!  I learned a lot about love and charity and teaching simply this week. I have to remember we are introducing new concepts to people and they are like spiritual eight year olds and sometimes I forget that. We have to make sure we teach so they don't misunderstand. Hope you guys stay safe and are doing well. 

Les quiero! 

-Elder Dunn

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