Thursday, March 31, 2016

Taylor - March 28, 2016

This week was quite a week. We learned a lot and grew in faith and diligence! Though we didn't find many people that wanted to learn of the restored gospel or wanted to come closer to Christ, we did have the wonderful opportunity to testify of the truthfulness of this Church. We testified and invited all to follow him!

We did help our investigator Cira progress towards baptism this last week and I'm super excited for her baptism coming up this Thursday. We hope to get good member support for her! She's super cool and passed her interview. Her daughter also decided to sit in on a couple of lessons so hopefully we'll be able to work with her!

This District is good and pretty young besides Elder Dabo and myself. They are all super cool and I think I've felt a pretty good bond with them and all the missionaries where I've been district leader. I am still doing district training every week and yes they come a bit easier now but I still get a little nervous and on edge. I just always hope I'm able to help the District!

Elder Johnson and I work pretty well together. He's an awesome missionary. He has really good Spanish and is hard working! He's super funny and keeps the mood light which is a big strength we share! It helps us press forward!
In our mission, for finding, there is something called "The Liahona". We fill out a list of prospective Elders, less active members, recent converts, and part member families during weekly planning to go visit during the week. The mission also focuses on knocking, Obedience is considered 1 hour a day but we are usually 2 a day, usually averaging around 15-18 hours a week of knocking.

For the door approach we really try to focus on needs and desires of the people we are talking to. We state our purpose real solidly and we center it on Jesus Christ and the restoration!

For my whole mission I've covered one ward at a time and attend the whole block on Sundays. I believe multiple wards for missionaries are just for the missions with bigger populations of members.

This last week, we had fast and testimony meeting. Unfortunately, no Easter program or anything. The Bishop actually is basically less active. He works at the airport or something so he's never really at church. They hold ward council usually every other week but we haven't had it for like 3 weeks now. Our ward mission leader is a recent convert so we don't even do correlation but we explained it to him and we're having it this Friday, yay!

For transfer predictions I believe I will remain here and possibly train but I don't know. Elder Johnson will most likely transfer because he's been here for 3 transfers. Elder Dabo is going home and Elder Lloyd will probably stay. Sister Kronmiller is training Sister Flavel so they will probably stay.
Yes we usually get fed a lot, though in this ward. A lot of it has been pick up or drop off at our house.

Well I hope I answered all of your questions. Oh and thanks Mom for the letter and thanks so much for the Easter package. It was delicious and the other elders say thanks! Anyways I think that's about it for this week, love you guys, stay safe!
-Elder Dunn

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